Home Cinemas

the best seat in the house

Experience movie nights and online gaming like never before

Home Cinema

Bespoke Cinema Rooms

Front row seats every time

Maybe you have a garage, loft space or a basement that you would like to convert into a Home Cinema. Or maybe you have a dedicated space for a Cinema room.

A bespoke cinema room will take every movie night to extraordinary new heights.

Room Shaking Sound

Immersive room-filling sound

Experience your movies and gaming like never before.

Utilising in-wall and ceiling speakers combined with deep bass providing sub-woofers, you will be surrounded in a truly immersive audio and visual atmosphere.

Midlands Home Cinema
Home Projector

Ultra HD Clarity

Enjoy 4K ultra HD quality

Enjoy your Movies, TV shows, Blu-rays, Streaming services and Gaming in crystal clear resolution with 4K Projectors and Screens.

With a variety of options available, you can utilise either a wall filling TV, a fixed projector screen or have a projector screen hidden away in the ceiling and ready to drop down at the push of a button.

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