Fire Alarm Systems

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Design, install, upgrade and maintain the highest quality commercial Fire Alarm systems to protect you and your organisation


Making the right decision

Advanced AV solutions have a vast amount of experience in designing, installing and maintaining fire alarm systems.


It is crucial that you chose a reputable and experienced company when considering a fire alarm system to protect your property, people and assets. Your fire risk assessment may have highlighted a need for a particular system; or a certain design and layout may be a requirement as stipulated by your insurance company.


Fire alarms are identified by two categories: P and L, with P being those specifically designed to protect property; and L being those designed for the protection of life. Those with L designation are designed to provide an early warning system, giving people time to evacuate a building in the event of a fire.


Ensuring your systems work when you need them most

Advanced AV Solutions can offer a range of maintenance contracts to meet legislation and your business needs.


Our service and maintenance and 247/365 call out service ensure your systems are always kept to the highest standards and work when you need them most.


In order to meet current fire safety legislation, fire alarms are required to have a weekly test and the results from this test recorded in your fire safety log book. If you experience any issues, or error messages with your weekly test, then you must call your servicing company immediately to address these issues.

Wireless Systems

All the compliance, little the disruption

Advanced AV Solutions can offer a range of compliant wireless fire alarm detection systems from industry leading manufacturers to suite your business property.


These are a natural choice for many as minimal disruption is required to install them whilst still meeting legislation and building/insurance compliance.


Wireless systems are ideal in premises where people are in constant attendance; in property conversions, and listed buildings.

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