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Managing & Auditing Access

Reliable access control and intercoms for your business

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Advanced AV provide a wide range of access control and intercom solutions for your business or property. From stand-alone single door solutions to multi-door and multi-site networked solutions all of which can be centrally managed by sophisticated and easy to use software.

Control ingress and egress of employees and visitors through doors, turnstiles, gates, barriers and lifts with bespoke access control solutions designed around your security needs.

Our solutions allow you to monitor people and vehicles around your premises and can be integrated with other management systems such as Time & Attendance and Health & Safety monitoring.

Intercom Systems

Intercom Systems

Audio and Video Intercoms provide a remote way of conversing with visitors prior to allowing them access to your premises.

Advanced AV provide a large variety of intercom solutions from single button audio panels to digital multi-block video solutions with internal touch-screen handsets. GSM solutions also provide a convenient way of providing access to areas where cabling is not straight forward.

With a networked solution, sites can easily be managed and doors opened remotely from a central location or smart device if required.

Biometric Access Control

With biometric access control becoming readily available it has never been more widely utilised.

Control of personnel through restricted areas with the use of fingerprint recognition readers and software is a reliable and accurate way of managing access without the need for issuing proximity cards or fobs.

Fingerprint readers can more often than not now be integrated with your existing access solutions therefore eliminating the need to replace and upgrade your whole system.

Biometric Access Control
Time and Attendance Access

Time & Attendance

Get the most of out your access control solution by utilising it to manage employee and visitor time and attendance as well as protect access to your premises.

Our integrated time and attendance solutions allow employees and visitors to clock in / out by simply presenting their access control card or fob to a reader on-site.

Our solutions are designed for simplicity and ease of use as well as allowing for in-depth, accurate and powerful reporting and management functionality from the software.

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