Home Entertainment

Home Entertainment

take the party to any room

Effortlessly stream music and movies throughout any room of your home

  • Multi-Room Audio
  • Integrated Surround Sound
  • Distributed TV
  • Control from a Smart Device
  • Integrated Home Media

Multi-Room Audio

Stream your favourite music wirelessly throughout any room of your home

Enjoy your music within any room of your house of throughout your garden at the touch of a button from your smart device.

Independently select different playlists in any room so that your family can each enjoy their own music in their own space.

Multi Room Audio
Surround Sound

Surround Sound

Cinema sound from the comfort of your sofa

If a dedicated cinema room isn’t a possibility, you can still enjoy that cinema experience from your own lounge.

Surround yourself with immersive sound from discrete wall and ceiling speakers.

Distributed TV

Enjoy your favourite TV shows in any room

A Distributed TV system allows you to enjoy your favourite shows on any television throughout your home.

Extend your digital FreeView and Satellite channels to any TV within your property.

Distributed TV
Home Entertainment

Smart Device Control

Effortless control of your Home Entertainment

Take complete control of your Home Entertainment from your smart phone or tablet.

Our bespoke Control Systems can effortlessly integrate your Music, TV, Movies, Heating, Lighting and Home Security solutions.

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