Primary School

Access Control Solution

Midlands Primary School

Systems Installed:

  • Paxton Networked Access Control

Client Brief:

We were contacted by the client as they had an issue with a number of their younger nursery school children accessing areas of the school that they shouldn’t be. Despite the children being requested to not access these areas, well…… kids will be kids!

From meeting with the senior management team, it was identified that the solution required needed to be an easy to use, reliable and scalable solution that could be centrally managed and controlled by the Site Manager. It was also requested that the system was able to provide audit trails and reports to the school’s Senior Leadership Team (SLT).


The client had a couple of doors currently fitted with Paxton stand-alone access control and wanted to extend this system to a number of additional doors.

Advanced AV fitted additional Paxton access control to three new internal doors utilising the Net2 solution as well as updating the existing controllers and adding them onto the Net2 control software.

The client can now programme fobs, set schedules and monitor activity through the controlled doors from their PC.

"Jordan & Phil carried out the works to our Access Control system to high standard and we would not hesitate in working with them again."
Site Manager

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