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Home Cinema
Bespoke Cinema Rooms

Whether you are converting a garage, a loft space or basement or if you have a dedicated room for a home cinema, Advanced AV provide our clients with a bespoke cinema room to take their home entertainment to extraordinary new heights.

Experience your movies and gaming like never before with room filling sound. Utilising in-wall and ceiling speakers combined with room shaking subwoofers, we will surround you in a truly immersive audio and visual atmosphere.

Home Cinemas
Cinema Projectors
Projectors & Screens

An integral part of the home cinema in the naturally the Projector & Screen or the TV. Advanced AV can offer guidance and advice on both solutions to ensure you get the best visual experience.

All of our projectors are 4K and can be fixed in place or can drop from your ceiling at the touch of a button. Bespoke 4K screens can be provided to fit into any space and can again be fixed in place or hidden out of view if required.

With a huge selection of 4K smart TVs available, Advanced AV can source a suitable model from industry leading manufacturers to suit your dedicated cinema space.

Home Media Integration

The hub of the home cinema system is the AV Receiver which will integrate your distributed TV, Blu-Ray player, Streaming services and Games consoles all together to ensure they can all be experienced from your Home Cinema.

Advanced AV will bring all of your media sources together to ensure you surround yourself in a truly immersive atmosphere and experience your home entertainment like never before.

Home Cinema
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Home Cinema Rooms

Whether you have a dedicated room or a converted garage, loft or basement, Advanced AV will provide you with a stunning bespoke Home Cinema solution.


In-Wall and In-Ceiling speakers are installed throughout your cinema room to provide you with a truly immersive room filling surround sound audio experience.

Projectors & Screens

Experience your home entertainment in wall filling 4K clarity with fixed or drop down bespoke sized screens. Smart 4K televisions can also be utilised if preferred to fit in a dedicated space.

Home Media

Integrate your home media and experience TV, Movies, Streaming services and Gaming like never before. Enhance your home entertainment solutions to provide the optimum audio & visual experience.