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Complete WiFi

Every corner covered

As our homes become smarter, ensuring you have a strong, reliable and resilient WiFi connection throughout every corner of your home is paramount.

Your service provided may have positioned your router by your front door which leaves you with poor or limited WiFi signal throughout many areas of your property.

Advanced AV will design a bespoke solution utilising the latest Wireless Access Points to ensure your whole home is covered. No dead spots guaranteed!

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Hard Wired Networks

Lightning quick speeds

With so many of our devices relying heavily on a WiFi connection, performance can be reduced when the whole family are on-line at the same time.

By hard-wiring the devices that have the ability to be directly cabled, WiFi usage can be reduced and the quickest speeds can be achieved.

Advanced AV can design a complete hard-wired network solution for your Home Office, Smart TVs, Sky and Virgin boxes, Home Entertainment systems, NAS drives, Security and Smart Home solutions.

Optimum Speeds

Superfast connections

Whether you are looking for a complete WiFi solution, a hard-wired home network or a combination, Advanced AV will ensure your home is always connected.

Utilising the latest system technology we can ensure you receive the best possible speeds from your service provider with a resilient and reliable home data network.

Finally achieve the Broadband speeds your service provider promised!

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Integrated Solutions

Ensure your home stays smart

Keep all of your home entertainment and security solutions online and connected at all times.

With a reliable data infrastructure throughout your home you can rest assured that at the press of a button you will be streaming your favourite music to any room, downloading movies quickly and setting your heating and lighting.

You will also have full control over your home Security systems with the ability to access, view and control them from your mobile smart device from anywhere in the world.

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