Domestic CCTV Installation – Sutton Coldfield

Home CCTV Sutton Coldfield

Project Overview

Advanced AV were tasked with providing high quality CCTV coverage to the rear of a domestic property.

With limited ambient light available, we ensured the cameras selected were capable of illuminating the areas of coverage with IR light.

The client wanted the ability to view live and recorded streams from their smart tablet, giving them control of the system from literally anywhere.

Equipment Used

The cameras selected and installed were HikVision Turbo HD cameras powered over coax cable (PoC) from the recorder. This allowed the cameras to be installed without the need for separate power supplies.

The cameras had fixed wide-angle lenses to ensure we captured the area the client wanted and integrated IR LEDs meant that, as day turns to night, the cameras still provide a high quality image.

The 4 channel recorder selected had a 1TB in-built hard drive that provides the client with recording based on motion detection for at least 30 days.

The system was set up to provide the client with the ability to view and monitor their system from their iPad from anywhere in the world.

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